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Recycling Services

Calpac Recycling

Calpac Recycling’s buy-back center is located in Calexico, California, and is open to the general public for the recycling of their CRV material. Besides CRV redemption Calpac Recycling accepts ferrous scrap, non-ferrous scrap, and fibers.

Additionally, Calpac Recycling offers material pick-up services for the industrial and commercial sectors of the Imperial Valley. Recyclable waste produced from your business operations is collected in bins and picked up for a fee. For additional information contact us at the contact tab.

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CRV System:

The California Redemption Value (CRV) is a tax imposed by the state of California on consumers for certain beverage containers to incentivize the recycling of such containers.

Essentially, you deposit a predetermined amount at the time of purchase; we provide the means for consumers to recover their CRV deposit by validating recyclables for their value in cash at our buy-back center.

Commercial Pick-Up system:

Calpac Recycling offers material recollection services for businesses in the restaurant, manufacturing, logistics, and retail sectors of the Imperial Valley. We provide containers corresponding to the volume and type of waste generated and pick them up on a schedule. There are collection fees associated with the disposal and pick-up services provided to businesses.

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