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About Calpac Recycling

Calpac Recycling

We have over twenty Years of experience in the recycling market. Our staff is highly competent and very well trained to perform their duties safely and with the utmost responsibility. We at CalPac Recycling are a legitimate Company that is licensed, insured and certified. We provide commercial hauling services for glass, plastic, paper, metals, fibers, and electronic waste. We ensure the highest competitive return rates and the lowest service fees; while maintaining the highest quality customer satisfaction. As we grow as a company we look to help out our surroundings by reducing waste in our landfills and in our environment.


Offer safe and reliable transport services for raw materials for the processing industry, in a fraternal environment with our customers and suppliers protecting the environment.

Quality politics

We are committed to the excellence of our services, to meet the requirements and achieve the satisfaction of our customers. In an environment of execution and commitment to the continuous improvement of processes and our quality system


To be a transportation company, handling and distribution company of raw materials, finished and recyclable products with an international presence in an ecological and sustainable environment.


  • Increase Service efficiency
  • Reduce Costs
  • Decrease Repairs

Calpac Group Values


Maintain an awareness of loyalty and obedience by showing gratitude and respect with honor towards our company.


Put before any circumstance the truth of our actions, thoughts and actions, to achieve an environment of integrity.


To fulfill our obligations contracted to respect and maintain the congruence of our word given with our actions.


Take initiative in our actions, take them with the firmness that gives us the knowledge of our tasks, with the resolution that our actions and decisions are based on our principles and values.