703 Emerson ave Calexico, CA 92231


Provide safe and reliable freight transport throughout the United States and Mexico, facilitate the process for individual and industrial recyclable waste collection, and promote sustainability throughout every step of our business operations.


Be a business group with a strong international presence dedicated to the transportation, handling, separation, distribution, and commercialization of the raw material, recyclable, and finished product industries; all while maintaining an ecologically balanced environment throughout our operations.

Quality Politics

  • Set standards of excellence promote transparency and mutual trust amongst our clients. We strive to meet and exceed our clients expectations in order to achieve full satisfaction. Our quality politics and business model revolve around the responsibilities owed to our clients by us and our unceasing dedication to fulfill them.

About us

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Calpac group offers a wide array of services for the logistics and waste management industries. We constantly seek to be industry leaders by streamlining our services and promoting sustainability. We have grown to become a tight knit group of determined individuals who strive to provide the best possible service. Established by Gabriel Lopez and Leonardo Villanueva in the year 2000, Calpac has continued to steadily expand its horizons while strengthening our clients' trust through open communication and mutual reliability.

Here at Calpac we have a strong commitment to the full satisfaction of our clients and their individual needs. Calpac Group continuously strives to meet increasing industry demand while adhering to our standards of excellence and promise of prompt service and affordable rates..

Calpac Calexico

703 Emerson ave Calexico, CA 92231
+1 (760) 768 3236

Calpac Mexicali site 1

Padre Juan Ugarte 3499, Huertas de la Progreso 21190
Mexicali, B.C.

Calpac Mexicali site 2

Calle Rio Presidio 1198, Zona Ejidal Coahuila,
Mexicali, B.C.

Calpac Tijuana

Av. Clavel L-12 M-6 Ejido Ojo de Agua,
Tijuana, B.C, C.P.22254

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Our Services

We also provide containers and free pick-up service.


Calpac recycling operates a public buy-back center situated in Calexico, California. Calpac Recycling is open for the general public and offers material collection services for the commercial sector of the region.


Calpac Reciclaje ofrece servicios orientados a la recepción, separación, y comercialización de residuos de manejo especial (RME) de la industria maquiladora y de transformación en el estado de Baja California.


Calpac Transportation offers prompt freighting, live shipment tracking, and competitive rates. We count on specialized industry-specific equipment and more conventional methods of transportation.

de México

Calpac de México ofrece servicios de transporte de residuos de manejo especial en Baja California. Adicional, ofrece servicios de carga en general para la industrias de manufactura, transformación y construcción.
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Excellent Customer service!! Great place to recycle.Friendly service and well organized!!

Ruby Carballo

Happy Client
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Amazing customer service and efficient process!

Mariana Vanegas

Happy Client
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Friendly & helpful staff. They had the area neatly organized and clean. The cashier was friendly as well.

Vivi dabebe

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